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Dubai Land Department Simplifies Real Estate Registration with the One Step-Through One Channel


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The Dubai Land Department (DLD) is always looking for new ways to attract investors into the Emirates. The DLD acknowledged that Dubai's real estate registration is complicated, and it decided to simplify it with the one step through channel. The department has already deployed a team comprised of a manager and auditor to work directly from real estate registration trustee centers to provide simplified registration procedures. This will significantly cut down the time and effort that buyers and sellers need to invest when dealing with real estate registration.

The DLD Simplifies Real Estate Registration

The new simplified method of real estate registration was proposed back at the beginning of March 2020. The DLD is now providing technical support to customers and centers all over Dubai. The slogan of the team is "complete your transaction in one step through one channel.

Majid Saqr Al Marri, who is the CEO of Registration and Real Estate Services Sector at DLD, had the following to say about the new changes:

"We have achieved unprecedented success by developing an easy-to-use system that is available to all customers looking to obtain real estate registration services and through which they can choose and locate registration trustee offices. This will help strengthen Dubai's position as a preferred real estate investment destination in the world that supports all parties in the local real estate market, to ensure their comfort and happiness."

We want to highlight that the DLD's feels will be paid via a certified bank cheque. This will also include the fees of the real estate registration trustee that are made only through the payment portal. Once the majority of the required procedures are completed, the registration trustee will be able to issue the title deed to the new owner.

The Smart Dubai Initiative

The new simplified real estate registration with the one step through one channel is part of the Smart Dubai initiative. Thanks to this, customers who may encounter any problems when working with the DLD or have any unanswered questions can always issue a complaint against the registration trustee center at the following website: The website has been specially designed to handle private customer information and keep the applicant's identity under confidentiality. Not just that, but the complaint will not be removed until the applicant received solutions that help him resolve the case.

What are the Registration Steps?

Here are the new registration steps that customers must follow when applying for real estate registration with the one step through one channel:

  • The process begins at the registration trustee center with the sellers and buyers;
  • All required legal documents are submitted for official review;
  • The DLD's fees are paid with a certified bank cheque (alongside the fees required for the registration trustee center);
  • The title deed can be issued to the new owner after the required procedures are completed;
  • The customer can choose to submit a complaint against the registration trustee center at, where they will receive help.